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Mandate: What do we do?

Museum Niederösterreich, with its Haus der Geschichte and Haus für Natur, presents themes related to and concerning Lower Austria. In doing so, we contribute to underscoring the Federal Province’s identity and self-awareness.

We regard it as a living museum, offering the citizens and friends of our province a broad educational avenue and thus creating a place for lifelong learning. Museum Niederösterreich’s exhibitions primarily consist of original pieces from Lower Austria’s collections.

Content: How do we do it?

In the architecturally unique building that houses Museum Niederösterreich in St. Pölten, all exhibits are prepared scientifically and in accordance with best modern practice. We impart knowledge playfully and ensure excitement in discovery. In addition to its permanent displays and sections with live indigenous animals, the museum regularly organizes special exhibitions. We see ourselves as cultural service providers, placing our visitors at the center of our activities.

Visitors: For whom do we do it?

Museum Niederösterreich is a very popular attraction for families and an establishment with a wide range of high-quality educational programs for schools. Competence, friendliness, exceptional educational value, a pleasant museum atmosphere and accessibility to almost all areas combine to make the museum so special.

Staff: How do we treat each other?

A strong “we” spirit prevails in our team that manifests itself in mutual appreciation, colleagueship and motivation. Every member of our team has clearly defined areas of responsibility. Communication and knowledge transfer are not one-way, we practice active and lively discourse. The quality of our displays and exhibitions, events and publications reflect our staff’s expertise and qualifications. These are continually developed, enabling us to look forward with confidence to the challenges of the future.

“Our Museum Niederösterreich – where Lower Austria is at home“

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