Speak to me!

Speak to me!

Speak to me!
How animals and plants communicate

Special exhibition in the House of Nature

March 18, 2023 – February 11, 2024

Singing, dancing, tapping, humming, vibrating, smelling, glowing: the world of communication is fascinating, diverse, mysterious and clever. But what is in effect "communication"? What forms does it take and what strategies are involved? How can animals, plants and fungi even communicate? How and why do they speak to each other, and what kinds of messages are sent?

Animals communicate to find a mate, organize the care of their young, mark their territory, warn fellow species of enemies, or point out food sources. Life depends on the constant exchange of signals. Communication can also be risky if the predator or prey betrays itself in the process. Females signal their readiness to mate. Males try to convince females of their genes with flashy colors, spectacular dances or enticing songs. Communication is indispensable in bee and ant colonies. Even plants and fungi have something to "say" and send messages to communicate.

This new special exhibition offers interesting and exciting insight into communications research, including the field of bioacoustics. Visitors can learn how to better understand dogs and cats. All based on the motto: "Listen, hear and learn! It's not just we humans who have something to say to each other."

Visitors to the exhibition can enjoy a varied foray through the complex world of messages and unusual alliances.

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