Stinging. Scratching. Biting. Weapons of nature

Jabbing. Scratching. Biting. With nature´s weapons

Who hasn’t experienced the sting of a wasp, the claw of a cat or the burn of a nettle? Or even more extreme defence tactics encountered in the arsenal of plants and animals all over the world? Creatures can carry out their attack and defence full force, armed to the teeth.
To defend themselves, plants and animals use a host of strategies. Some spoil a greedy predator’s appetite, while others build traps or fight back with their teeth and claws. It’s a struggle for survival by any means necessary. Ultimately, the winner has the stronger, more sophisticated and more efficient way of competing in the food chain.
Why is this so? The exhibition shows how these silent warriors engage in attack and defence, how chemical weapons are deployed, which amazing tricks are used, and why these strategies are successful in the animal and plant kingdoms.

Team of curators: Erich Steiner (Scientific Director, House of Nature), Christian Dietrich (Research Associate) and Norbert Ruckenbauer (Research Associate).

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