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A human life is probably too short to explore all of Lower Austria’s diverse natural landscapes, complete with their flora, fauna and cultural and historical significance. And to climb mountains, hike across the plains and observe plants and animals would also take its toll on the muscles!

In Museum Niederösterreich’s central nature zone, all this can be done with much less effort and in much less time. A journey from high Alpine mountains with real glacier ice down to the Danube with capital live fish can be completed in only a few minutes or hours. And those who prefer to travel in comfort can take the elevator!

The tour could, for example, begin with the chamois, groundhogs, and snow hares that inhabit the Alpine mountains. Ravens circle over the replica glacier, behind which the mighty Ötscher looms, monumentally depicted. Then, equipped with insider knowledge of Enzianschnaps, gamsbart and eagles, the descent to the lowlands can begin.

In the uplands section you can visit the tree nursery, do a bird quiz, or find out about the different types of meadows and their appearance. A hayrick, an uncommon sight these days, fills the air with the fragrance of long gone summers. The next level down is a real ant hill inhabited by live wood ants alongside stuffed forest animals: deer, wild pigs and even an elk. Directly next to this area is the Danube tank containing carp, catfish and other creatures of this habitat. A bird wall provides insight into and information about native specimens, which can be individually illuminated. Ducks proudly parade into the lowland tank.

Only a few steps are required to discover what life forms teem underground and if you’re hardy enough, plunging down is child’s play – by means of a slide! The newly created baby gallery puts the latest additions to our animal family in the limelight. It is, so to speak, the museum kindergarten.

Bee lovers will be delighted with the bee wall that provides all sorts of interesting facts about bees. And finally, the Lower Austria room "Focus on Lower Austria” displays a topographical relief from the 1950’s. Quiz stations and an interactive presentation invite you to discover the federal province on a huge screen.


House of Nature

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