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Rooms to let! Holiday in the country

Special exhibition Haus der Geschichte
23. September 2023 – 2. February 2025

After the Second World War, it became possible for large parts of the population to go on holiday. This fundamentally changed tourism and new guest capacities had to be created. In addition to the professional hotel and catering industry, private room rentals established themselves in rural areas. Since the 1960s, mass motorisation has provided a developmental boost: previously neglected areas are flourishing, while traditional destinations are losing traction. Long-distance vacations also increase the pressure on domestic holiday destinations.

The special exhibition highlights the phases and rituals of vacationing: These range from planning and departure to the choice of transportation, arrival and stay, and storing one’s memories in the form of pictures and souvenirs. This raises questions of which life circumstances determine who goes on vacation and how, and who perhaps has little or no opportunity to travel?

These holiday practices are told from the point of view of both the guests and hosts. Questions about the future of summer vacations are also addressed: Can we speak of a trend towards climate-friendly local vacations? Are we facing a rediscovery of the “Sommerfrische” – getting out to the countryside?


The exhibition is curated by Christian Rapp, Benedikt Vogl, Maren Sacherer and Johanna Resel.

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