Migrant animals

Migrant animals: nature on the move

Special exhibition in the Haus für Natur
23 March 2024 – 9 February 2025

The Earth is racing through space at 100,000 kilometres per hour. During a year’s journey around the sun, the living conditions on its surface constantly change. This sets off massive animal migrations. Every year, huge groups, herds and swarms move across the surface of the Earth through water, the air and by land. It’s all about finding food, sexual partners and spawning grounds, avoiding adverse weather conditions and exploiting new habitats.

The animals display astonishing physical performances and impressive navigation skills.

Which animals migrate, and where to? How do they do it? What drives them?

This special exhibition focuses on diverse aspects of smaller and larger animal migrations. Some animals only migrate within Lower Austria, others far beyond. Some move inconspicuously, others can easily be observed.

Come along on a journey into the world of migrating animals!

The exhibition was curated by Mag. Ronald Lintner and Mag. Norbert Ruckenbauer.

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